New York Based Photographer

I am a New York based photographer serving NYC and the Connecticut Shoreline. My signature style is natural light, documentary storytelling. I create images that are a reflection of your life right now. Your beautiful, messy, perfectly imperfect life.

Every Family Has A Story

Everyday life can be chaotic. But there are countless regular, glorious moments hidden in the chaos and clutter. Those moments are easy to miss, because you are busy LIVING. I document the connections, routines and details unique to every family, capturing those moments for you.


You are fearless about real life (as opposed to life through an Instagram filter) and comfortable with the good and the not-that-great. As you learn to laugh and embrace the not-so-pretty moments, you still prefer to savor the sweet, tender times. You aren’t always prepared for the whoa-sh*t-this-life-is-an-untidy-jumble. You seek the order of routine to keep calm and carry on. And you are really, really ready for a relaxed family photo session where everyone can just be themselves.


I am unafraid of the challenging bits that are part of this life we make. And I am deeply interested in the in-between moments that often go unnoticed. I’m easygoing, which helps people feel comfortable, so those moments flow naturally when I am photographing a family. Mostly, I am in awe of the tender connections that speak to our humanity.

I am currently booking documentary family photography sessions for Fall 2016. A perfect season for documenting family traditions in addition to everyday routines. Contact me to schedule a session!

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